Inspired by Nature

The Raw Unite is about simplicity, elegance, & nature. Our vision is to make everyday skin care routines more graceful & connected to nature. 

It began as a discovery of the powerful healing properties of antioxidant-rich extracts in combination with natural carrier oils.

Our journey was to create a robust infusion of essential oils, extracts, and oils from around the world to formulate products that heal, protect, and nourish your body. This set the stage for what is now our tru brand & philosophy.

Enjoy the harmonious benefits of our Raw collection and be proud of the journey.




Earth-Friendly Practices

Everyday, we challenge our team to focus on green ways to get the job done. From reducing waste to using eco-friendly packaging, we are always tracking our footprint and improving our everyday rituals.


Stellar Culture and Products

The Raw Unite is rooted in honesty, simplicity, & elegance. Every product you touch and feel is a token of our culture. We know life is complicated so we make sure your skin care products are simple and effective. 

Giving Back

As a part of our dedication to serve people with a higher standard of quality, we make contributions to World Vision to improve the quality of life at the most basic levels. We want to help families and communities around the world break the cycle of poverty. Join the initiative today!