5 Benefits of the Arnica Plant


What is Arnica Used For?

Arnica montana is a perennial flowering plant from the daisy family that has significant homeopathic uses. It has been used as a herbal medicine for hundreds of years due to its ability to relieve many common aches & pains from our daily lives. Arnica is most frequently used topically to improve healing of aches & pains, swelling, injury, arthritis, and bruises.

5 Healing Benefits of Arnica

1. Aches & Pains

Arnica can be a great addition to your arsenal of pain relieving products. It may even replace some of your common over-the-counter or prescription pain medicine. Arnica effectively reduces pain associated with stiffness due to arthritis and pain caused by impact to the body.

2. Swelling

Arnica is Nature's best known anti-inflammatory. It contains helenalina very powerful anti-inflammatory compound, great for healing sprains, fractures, arthritis and other injuries. Arnica also contains thymol, a vasodilator of subcutaneous blood capillaries, which aids the flow of blood and decreases the accumulation of fluids in the body. Decongesting the trapped blood cells will ultimately result in faster healing and less pain. 

3. Sprains, Strains, & Injury

Using Arnica will greatly cut down the healing time of injuries to muscles, joints, and any other soft tissue. A study showed that people who used arnica had reduced pain, inflammation and muscle tenderness 72 hours after intensive exercise. Arnica has enormous benefits whether you are an intermediate athlete or just looking to improve your muscle & joint mobility.

4. Arthritis

There are many types of arthritis. The wonderful thing about arnica is that it will improve the symptoms associated with arthritis, such as stiffness and overall mobility. A study shows that arnica is just as effective as a drug, ibuprofen, when treating patients with osteoarthritis of the hands. The study showed a decrease in pain and an increase in overall hand function & mobility.

5. Bruising

Bruises, also called contusions, result from an impact to a body part. This causes tears in the blood vessels under the skin, making that area very tender & discoloured.  Arnica can be one of the best remedies when you get a bruise. After application it signals the area to increase the flow of healthy white blood cells to repair the damaged tissue and speed up healing.

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